#208: Sole E35 Elliptical Trainer by CyclePath / Cardio Pro's in Fitness Equipment / Golf Membership

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The SOLE E35 elliptical trainer was designed to help you focus on your workout, and is loaded with the features you need to meet your fitness goals. Maximize the time and effort you put into keeping fit with a total body workout that is easy on your joints.


The E35 is engineered for an extremely smooth feel, even with increased resistance for when you want a more challenging workout. Fluid natural motion is ensured by four wheels gliding along dual rails and functions in both forward and reverse. Multi-grip position handlebars enable users to find the most comfortable and ergonomic positions to grasp the handles, while oversized foot pedals situated at a 2° inward angle, and 3-position articulating foot beds sustain your body's natural position and reduce impact on the joints and muscles. The E35’s power incline feature offers additional resistance and variable positions, allowing you to individually target major lower body muscle groups while the articulating handles provide upper body exercise for a total body workout. With the included wireless chest strap or built-in hand pulse grips, you can monitor your heart rate during your workout.

The E35 elliptical console is user friendly with a large vibrant display to help track your progress, while the integrated cooling fan helps keep you fresh even during intensive training, and built-in speakers allow you to hook up any MP3 player for easy listening while you exercise.

A sturdy and durable machine, the SOLE E35 elliptical trainer will help get you on the path to developing your body from the inside out with an intense cardio workout that is easy on your knees and ankles.

Purchase of the SOLE Fitness E35 elliptical includes premium threshold delivery meaning your elliptical is delivered directly to the first dry area of your home: inside your front door, garage, or inside the front lobby of your building, and will not be left on your curb.

The E35 is now equipped with Bluetooth technology allowing users to record workout feedback from their cycle to an Android or Apple smart device, and track fitness info on the free SOLE FITNESS APP, or transfer it to other compatible fitness apps.

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