Bidding Rules

Welcome to the Help Desk. In this help section, you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email us at

How do I get started?

In order to bid on an item, you must register first. You must be 18 years or older to bid.

Register early! Don't leave your registration to the last moments of the auction as you may be disappointed; the system requires enough time to receive your registration and validate your e-mail address and confirmation before you can bid.

Click on the "Register" button, and enter your personal information.

Please fill in all required fields. (A credit card is not required to register.)

You must have a valid e-mail address, as we will email you a registration letter, which you will have to open and click on the link enclosed to activate your account.

If two people in the same household both want to bid separately on auction items, they must register separately with two different e-mail addresses. Each person can register only once with the same email address. You cannot register twice (different usernames) using the same e-mail address.

Once you have registered and received the registration letter to activate your account, you can begin bidding.

How do I find items that I might like to bid on?

There are two methods to find items. You can browse through the auction categories to see if there are any items of interest to you, or you can search by business tab section on the site.*Note item photos are reference to businesses products and services and may not be the exact product you are bidding on. Please refer to the description for exact details.

How do I bid?

Click on the item of interest and follow the directions on the screen. Please note that by placing a bid you are making a contract between you and the seller. Once you place a bid, you cannot retract it. It may be illegal to win an auction item and not purchase the item.

Can I retract a bid once it has been placed?

No, please bid carefully. You cannot retract a bid once it is placed.

You are responsible for each bid you place on each item so please bid carefully. In the event a bid is placed above the value of any item, an error message will be displayed and you will not be able to place a bid over the value of the item. Please double check all bids before confirming them.

What is the Five Minute Rule?

Items in the auction will remain open until bidding has stopped for five minutes, even after the items' time has expired. Remember to keep refreshing your page if you are watching items closing. If no one bids five minutes before closing, the item will then automatically close. **This means that the bidding can continue as long as people keep the 5 minute rule open.

My Watch List

You can create a list of items you would like to buy or are interested in. All the items in the auction have a link to the "My Watch List". As you are browsing, you can add the items you are interested in to your watch list. This makes it easier to track your favorite items.

What if I am the successful bidder on an item?

If you are the high bidder when the entire auction closes you will receive a notification by e-mail.

Items and certificates will be available for PICK UP at their respective businesses. You must bring proof of payment and valid ID to claim your items. Due to COVID-19 our office is closed and you will need to schedule winning voucher pick up. Call 403-548-8254. Only out of town or out of province winners will be mailed their vouchers, at the discretion of Pattison Media Ltd.

Payment Methods:

VISA, MasterCard, Cash and Debit are accepted. No cheques.

NEW Spring 2021, we are launching payment thought out TD merchant system - when you get your complete list of won items emailed there will be a link provided via our trusted partner Payments with a secure payment link using your Visa or Mastercard only. After payment received and verify you can call for pick up information or we will be contacting you.

*If you are unable to pick up your certificate(s) within the 10 days payment can be made by VISA or MasterCard over the phone call (403) 548-8282. In some cases we can mail your certificate(s) however we are unable to guarantee certificate(s) sent by Canada Post.

What do I do once my payment has been processed?

Once you have paid for your item, you will be eligible to pick up Proof of Purchase Certificate from us. You will need to take your Proof of Purchase Certificate with you to pick up your item from the sponsor business.*Note your proof of purchase may contain the businesses gift card you do not need to pick up your item from sponsor business in that instance.

All items have NO CASH VALUE. Please read the items product description carefully for stipulations on items.

CHAT & CHAT TV are not responsible for the contractual agreement between the seller and the buyer based on the terms and conditions outlined in CHAT Items are placed in the items on good faith from the participating businesses but, if a business closes between the time of item purchase and use, CHAT & CHAT TV are not liable, and a refund will not be issued.

Do any charges get added to our auction bid if we win?

As per Federal and Provincial Tax laws, all applicable taxes will be applied the same way they would apply if you were to purchase the item directly from the supplying business. (We try to work most taxes into the item price however some will have tax added after you won)

When does the auction close?

CHAT Auction Ends June 14th.

The items will close according to various categories over 1 day: June 14, 2024. Check each category to determine the closing day and time. Note: All closing items are subject to the Five Minute Rule. Reminder they are available for redemption the following MONDAY after the entire auction is closed.

Maximum Bid Feature:

AuctionNet! has a Maximum Bid feature included in the auction that allows you to bid on an item, and also include a maximum bid for the item. This maximum bid will automatically place bids at the minimum bid increment ($5) on the item should anyone outbid you in the future, up until you reach your maximum bid. For example, if you bid $100 on an item, and place a maximum bid of $175, if someone outbids your $100 bid by bidding $110 on the item, an automatic bid of $115 will be placed on that item on your behalf. Should you be outbid again, an auto bid will be placed on your behalf until you reach your $175 maximum bid. 

Where can I provide feedback on

If you have any comments or suggestions for our next auction, please contact us via e-mail: or use the feedback form.


If you are not receiving e-mails then please check in the Hotmail Junk Folder.

Technical Difficulties

CHAT & CHAT TV and its suppliers cannot be responsible for any Internet access outages or computer issues for auction registrants. For technical support consult your Internet access provider or computer service technician.